The image shown is from "Gunther's Journey" a new book filled with adventure and courage.
The 76 beautifully illustrated pages and fast-paced story telling will captivate young and older readers alike (even my 15-year-old daughter enjoyed reading this!). Gunther, the little pachyderm, is part of a herd, but he was feeling lonely for peers. In the process of helping a new friend (Willow) reunite with her own herd family, Gunther’s quick thinking and willingness to help others touches off a series of positive outcomes, including bringing peace and harmony in the jungle and finding another new friend to accompany him and Willow on their journey. This heart-warming story is a reminder that helping others is often times the best cure for loneliness because it opens up new opportunities and connections with others.

Gunther’s Journey is the third and latest book in Ginger Nielson’s Gunther series, and it has inspired us to purchase the first two books: Gunther The Underwater Elephant and Gunther’s Excellent Adventures. ~ review by Monica Neumann