Ginger Nielson lives at the top of a hill, near the edge of a forest in semi-rural New Hampshire, USA. There is a magic wand on her desk, a dragon in her basement, and a tiny elephant in her studio. Everything else is nearly normal.

Ginger began her artist career early in life when she created a misty morning fog in the upstairs hallway of her parents victorian home.She used her older sister's dusting powder and powder mitt as the catalyst. It was in the days when people still believed in spanking, but she talked her way out that one.

Coming to the world of children's illustration a bit later in life, Ginger was an elementary school teacher and art teacher before becoming a travel agent. Both of those careers enabled her to connect deeply with many children and many different cultures.

To date she has illustrated over 50 children's books. Most of those can be found on the BOOKS page and there are links to book sellers who have the books available.

She is busy creating illustrations for other authors and writing and illustrating her own stories as well. If you want to contact her about your book or project please use the CONTACT page.

The links to the left on this page will lead you to various portfolio sites where my work is featured.

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